Where Are They Now?

Check in to the page regularly as we attempt to track down some of the more elusive former Browns to find out what they are doing now. All profiles appear below from.

The players featured so far are: Luke Hocking, Michael Silvy, James Bush, Roger Weckert, Guy Saunders, David Clarke, James Campbell, Peter Henderson, Andrew Moo, Patrick 'Schooner' Baird, Ian 'Strom' Bowley, Gavin Jarman, Tom Kidman, Joe Tyney, Shaun Seigert, Andrew Watson, Steve Alexander and Chris Critchley.

Player: Chris Critchley

Occupation: Conveyancer

Age: 44

Am I still involved: no have taken a break this year from doing the Chairman of Selectors job but watching a bit of the LOAS play under “gloves Faulkners” captaincy.

On Field Memories: Being able to play at Parkinson was an honour - I don’t think as a club we realise how lucky we are to have all three ovals to use at anyone time to play on. A wonderful setting. Also anytime I played with Ian rice was a memory because something would always happen when he was around from getting regularly injured to scoring some of the classiest mid teen innings I have ever seen.

Off Field Memories: Look too many to mention. The old days of self managing the bar always produced funny moments due to the fact that drinks were quite cheap and people tended to stay around the club a lot longer than they do now.

Personal Highlight: any of the Premierships won- its great to play with a bunch of Guys and win- you never get to play with the same team again so its always special- I also enjoy seeing people doing well whether getting a hundred or taking wickets, its what you train for.

Personal Lowlight: None really- been pretty lucky to play for the club- would have like to play higher early on in my Career when the higher grades were ordinary but this makes playing later on in my career more special- Big thank you to Dean Waugh for this.

Miss the most: Jason Morgan- wow those that know Morgs know it was never a dull moment with him around. Was the life of the Party , fantastic in the change rooms and made playing very enjoyable. A great Bloke.

Don’t Miss: that’s easy – Jason Morgan - sounds funny but can just get out of control and you need to get away from him sometimes- Deano named him Peter Hoare- the Serial Pest for a reason.

Funniest Story: The Mannequin- may have been used before but seeing Sam Parkinson attempt to get mad at us at training with the mannequin's arms clearly visible over his shoulder on the roof of the public toilets was priceless. Also one club Legends efforts in putting the legs in the public toilet cubicle then locking the door and climbing over the door to look like it was being used was not only hilarious but very well thought out.

Seriously could name a dozen stories though.

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Name: Steve Alexander

Age: 46

Occupation: Real Estate Agent with Klemich Real Estate

Am I still involved in cricket: My involvement in the club these days is limited to watching a few games at Brown Park and closely watching our performances. My boys Todd and Sam have both played junior cricket at the club which had Helen and I back at the club regularly along with a few games with the LOBs. Whilst it was fantastic playing seniors for the club the enjoyment of being involved with Faulky's talented team and claiming some silver wear of recent times was extremely enjoyable as all who have played would attest to I am sure.

Off Field Memories: I have many fond memories off the field including celebrations of wins and losses and sitting in the corner enjoying a quiet beer or coke after a game while Shaun Seigert dissected and analysed my forward defence and other deficiencies.

Personal Highlight: Personal highlights involve some Premierships and getting to play with and against some very talented cricketers.

Other highlights from my time at Kensington are too many to mention but as a young guy coming to the city from the country and not knowing to many people in Adelaide the club gave me a sense of belonging and most importantly introduced me to so many quality people.( Also where I was introduced to my wife Helen…thanks Rumbles)

Having started at the Club when it was very strong with guys like Parkinson, Darling, May, Brinsley, Rolfe, Bowley, Rumbelow, Weckert, Snorkel, Jarman, Slack etc playing seniors and then experiencing a tougher time as some of these guys retired or moved down the ranks to  then at the end of my time see the club in awesome shape and winning flags. The only disappointing memory I have is missing the 97/98 flag but I can honestly say that I owe more to the club for what it has given me then I could ever repay.

Miss the most: When I first played at Kensington and travelled down from Bordertown, Brian and Rosie Guild would put me up for the weekend which was extremely generous and therefore I would have to say that it is both Rosie and Brian that I miss the most from the Club.

Funniest Story: I was in charge of collecting the great Barry Rees in my time with the seniors and it was one morning when I pulled up on the roadside so that Nugget could jump out and purchase the chewing gum and cordial for the days play…..all was going well until I looked into the rear view mirror to see Nugget attempting to sit in the passenger seat of the car behind me……scaring the daylights out of the occupants and embarrassing the great man……I have never heard so many apologise in quick succession to the startled occupants……to his credit he soldiered on in typical fashion and to this day we have a great laugh about it and in fairness Nug it was the same colour car.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Player: Andrew Watson

Occupation: Assistant Commissioner, Australian Taxation Office ( a good conversation stopper at parties!)

Age:    43
Are you still involved in cricket:  Yep, made a comeback in the LOBs a couple of years ago (now LOAs) after 10 years out of the game and now living a childhood fantasy bowling left arm 'spin' while chasing an elusive maiden ton batting in the middle order. It's fantastic that through the efforts of people like Andrew Faulkner the Browns have a team in the LOAs that gives us 'old timers' a chance to stay connected to the club and catch up with old mates

Memories of Kensington (on-field): Playing in the 96-97 and 99-00 A grade premierships. 96-97 as Jamie Siddons  asked me to accept the silverware with him and 99-00 as my last ball in A grade cricket was taking a wicket on Adelaide Oval to win the grand final then kicking the stumps over and nearly blinding Dean Waugh with a flying bail. Hitting a six to win the 2010-11 LOB grand final with a very excited club legend and eternal cover fielder Rick Darling at the other end. 
Memories of Kensington (off-field):  Not surprisingly they revolve around the club rooms. Rumbles pulling the air conditioning duct of the roof, being part of the ritual of the dancing left handers during the late 90s(Lee, Morkunas, McDonald and others), late Thursday night beers with Uncle Ted and sitting in the change rooms at Parkinson Oval having beers with guys like Rumbles, McPhee, Alexander, McGowan, McRitchie,Clack etc after another win over Sturt/Glenelg/Bookworms etc. 

Personal highlight from your Kensington career: Being part of 3 premiership teams and combining with David Clarke to take over 100 wickets in 96-97.

Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: Missing out on centuries against Elizabeth in the 90s (got out tired) and ICC in 11/12 (Freddie Bassett stopped giving me the strike a kept hitting sixes instead). Seriously, I have played 10 seasons so far, 7 of 9 seasons so far have ended with finals appearances and won 3 flags so perhaps the lowlight was missing my 4th flag last year to go to a friend’s wedding. How can you have serious lowlights playing for the best club in Australia! 
Which Kensington player do you miss the most and why: Chris 'Turbo' McGowan - great bloke, intellectual fast bowler (not an oxymoron at the Browns), deserving 'Trevor Chappell' medallist in 97 and role model for how to finish a career. Not that with the Kensy batting line up we ever spent too long as tailenders not padded up but I enjoyed talking sport from all over the world ehile sitting on the balcony at Parkinson. Also the best fieldsman I have ever seen and never used a slide unless there was a runout chance (rather than to try and get Talbot Smith fielding votes)

Which Kensington player do you miss the least and why: All the other guys i played with that had surnames starting with 'Mc' e.g. McRitchie, McPhee, McDonald, McWright, McClarke etc

Funniest story from your time at Kensington: Hard to remember any one particular story but funniest game I played in was the 99/00 semi final against Uni. First funny moment was the look on the bookworms faces when after they 'won' the first innings early on day two and came into our rooms to shake hands Dean Waugh succinctly told them the game wasn't over and they could bat again. Second moment was the look on some of their faces as they realised half their team left their batting gear home after day one. Last moment that made me laugh was after Deano promoted me to number three in the batting chase and following instructions I hit my first three balls to the boundary off Blocker Wilson and then watched him walk off injured. 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Player: Shaun Seigert
Occupation: Head Coach Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy
Age:   48 
Are you still involved in cricket: Yes - DLCA
Memories of Kensington (on-field): Generally quite enjoyable. Remember Mike Silvy somehow pushing a ball over the boundary line of the last ball of the day when Uni needed 4 to win. It was a single but he panicked and we lost outright! Tim May praying for rain against West Torrens, he wasn’t keen on playing. I think we did get called off.

Memories of Kensington (off-field): Hazy!! Long nights. One season we had a lot players staying late at the club, very good socially. Profit behind the bar that season was I think $16. You work it out!
Personal highlight from your Kensington career: Partnership with Steve Alexander when we put on 317. They made just over 300 and we got them none down.

Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: Probably having to retire when I was playing my best and enjoying the club and new a premiership wasn’t far away.

Which Kensington player do you miss the most and why: No one in particular. The group had a good camaraderie back then between everyone. Miss the group.

Which Kensington player do you miss the least and why: Can honestly say no one really.

Funniest story from your time at Kensington: I suppose in hindsight my throwing my batting gear in the creek when I got out bowled v Prospect just before stumps when I looked up and the ball was on the way. Had done the hard work seeing of Mark Harrity then a medium pacer challenged the spirit of the game!! Also remember someone plucking the ball out of the pond with my first ball of the season and wading around with pants rolled up to their knees.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Player: Joe Tyney
Occupation: Executive Mentor
Age:    72
Are you still involved in cricket: Take a keen interest in watching cricket mainly on TV
Memories of Kensington (on-field): The relocation of the club from Kensington Oval to Parkinson

Memories of Kensington (off-field): The jubilation at winning the 64/5 Premiership
Personal highlight from your Kensington career: Member of the 1964-5 A Grade Premiership side

Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: Can’t recall one. Had an enjoyable time at the club

Which Kensington player do you miss the most and why: Howard Mutton – was a great mentor and student of the game from my days in the Kensington Schoolboys side to the Seniors

Which Kensington player do you miss the least and why: I wouldn’t like to say I miss any of them

Funniest story from your time at Kensington: Dave Parkinson’s young lad (Sam) pissing on the oval during a game

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Name: Tom Kidman
Occupation: Stockbroker
Age: 38
Are you still involved in cricket: Still play LOA in the Turf Cricket but at the wrong club Old Scotch! We do play Faulky's Legends in LOA this year, looking forward to it.
Memories of Kensington (on-field): Playing finals every year at Kensy, that only happens at the Browns. Memories of
Kensington (off-field): The Melbourne trips, nothing better.
Personal highlight from your Kensington career: C Grade flags. Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: Being asked to bowl in a game by Duigs.
Which Kensington player do you miss most and why: Roger Weckertl great humour, great off drive slash, great moustache. Plus Magic Morgan of course.
Which Kensington player do you miss least and why: The famous David 'Clacka' Clarke - where should I start?
Funniest story from your time at Kensington: Too many: - As my nickname was Liptak back in the mid 1990's the great man Nugget Rees assumed I was actually Lippy and more than once asked how the Crows were shaping up that year - Singhy's "Coldy at the Holdy times 6" episode - Hookie's Miss Brown performance - The appearance of The furrier on the Kensy 12th man streaking at the drinks break in a West End Cup game in Mount Gambier, followed by streaking 500m up the adjoining hill and then completing a nude goal umpire routine - Ian Rice's stories - Simsy asking a lady police officer "what would you like to drink?" while he was somehow standing naked behind the bar at the Havey.
- Anything Dean Waugh
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Name: Gavin Jarman
Occupation: Self employed - Eye-In Pty Ltd
Age: 50
Are you still involved in cricket: Only as a minor sponsor of the Browns. Last played in Kensy D's for a couple of season in 2004/05. Was last involved on the Committee in 2008.
Memories of Kensington (on-field): Playing grade cricket regularly with and/or against players who were still representing South Australia and Australia. Unfortunately this opportunity doesn't occur very often in the modern era.
Memories of Kensington (off-field): Many funny memories from the clubrooms when players would stay there until midnight on most Saturday nights. The players used to prepare the wicket for Sunday games by giving it a light water after the close of play Saturday, then we would spend the next 5 or 6 hours in the bar before getting out the roller and rolling the pitch with the aid of lights from a car that was driven onto the oval. Amazingly, the pitches turned out really well and I remember Paul Nobes made 5 hundreds in a row on our special Sunday pitches.
Personal highlight from your Kensington career: Winning premierships in A Grade, B Grade, D Grade, Turf team and an underage premiership (U/23). Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: Never winning a C Grade premiership to complete the premiership set.
Which Kensington player do you miss most and why: A couple of guys who I don't manage to see as much as I would like are Pat Baird and Roger Weckert. Both now live interstate and they were both country boys who came to the big smoke to play cricket for The Browns. There was never a dull moment when these guys were around the clubrooms.
Which Kensington player do you miss least and why: Ben Johnswood - because he put this question in the questionnaire
Funniest story from your time at Kensington: One night current Treasurer Greg Slack decided to bring his new girlfriend up to the clubrooms. One of the great characters of the club at the time, Chris Secker, was in fine form. After a couple of nudie runs out to the centre wicket by Secker and others, Greg decided that it would be best that he and his girlfriend leave the club and go somewhere else. Sensing his opportunity to create havoc, Secker somehow managed to grab the car keys and lock himself in the car with Greg's girlfriend. The poor girl spent the next few minutes wondering how she could get out of the situation. Eventually, the car was unlocked and Greg managed to drive away peacefully. Greg's new girlfriend was so impressed with her first experience at Kensy, that she ended up marrying him. Greg and Judy have now been married for about 25 years.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Name: Ian Bowley (Strom, or Strombone as Nugget says)
Occupation: Carpenter
Age: 54
Are you still involved in cricket: No I am not. They don't play much cricket in the middle of Canada.
Memories of Kensington (on-field): A lot of memories. I have been involved at the club since I was about 5 years old. But playing in Grand Finals and winning them for the club you can never forget. Probably the premiership in A Grade watching Invers scoring hundreds in both semi and grand final stands out. Being 2/1 in our first over and I was the only one in the change rooms padded up, but when we passed the score everyone was back. Loafa and Riza weren't seen for two days while we were batting. Also watching Tim May being interviewed on radio whilst at the Maid having lunch on the Monday. Very pissed we all were.
Memories of Kensington (off-field): Again, lots and lots. But spending time at the club with my mates. The big tent at the front of the club expecting around 500. But probably cleaning up the next day and trying to drink what was left in the keg. Being entertained by Jars and his car etc.
Personal highlight from your Kensington career: Highlights were many but being coach of this great club. Also winning A Grade, B Grade and C Grade flags, also three Club Championships in a row. Receiving my Life Membership. Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: Losing a Grand Final at Adelaide Oval in B Grade.
Which Kensington player do you miss most and why: Present players JP, Panelli, Steelo, Riza cups, Hendo, Grumpy Guts McRitchie just to name a few. But there are too many to name. Barry Nugget Rees huma huma.
Which Kensington player do you miss least and why: Wojciak. I will leave it at that.
Funniest story from your time at Kensington: The placing of a bicycle up the light tower at the other end after an U/23 game and the way it was returned to the ground. Jars, Snorkel and I know nothing about it, honest.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Player: Patrick “Schooner” Baird
Occupation: Own and operate an accommodation booking service in Daylesford, Victoria
Age: 55 (almost)
Are you still involved in cricket: Only as a spectator
Memories of Kensington (on-field): First ball that I ever bowled for the club was hit straight back over my head for six. I was playing my one and only B Grade game under Al Gilgen. Also in the side that day were club luminaries such as Guy Saunders, Roger Weckert, Ian Bowley, and Tony Risby. Only difference between them and me was that they could play and I couldn’t. Funnily enough my last ever ball was also hit for six while playing in the “Dad’s Army” some years later. Peter Bishop should have caught it on the boundary line but he was too busy laughing.
Memories of Kensington (off-field): Sharing a Town House with Guy Saunders for 2 years in Glen Osmond. It was pretty much a 2 year long party with lots of late nights and constant laughter. Drinks were usually served by Jan from next door who would only do it with friends. Fortunately she didn’t have an enemy in the world. Meeting (one of my boy time heroes) Barry Jarman who was the “Brown’s” coach. During my second year at the club Barry was asked by Denby Cane (who lived in my old home town) – “How’s that young Baird boy performing at Kensington?” To which Barry replied – “he’s not much of a cricketer but socially he’s been a huge success”. John Kemp and I late night Duck Shooting with my new 12 gauge shotgun in the little creek behind the practice nets. We must have had a few too many drinks because we shot at bugger all and hit it every time. The fact that I have far more “Off Field” memories than “On Field” memories may tell you a bit about my natural abilities as a cricketer.
Personal highlight from your Kensington career: Being given the captain’s job in the “Dad’s Army” during my last year at Kensington before moving to Victoria.
Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: There were none. Some of my fondest memories of that era were during my time at “The Browns”. Meeting seriously good blokes like Nugget Rees, Bags Henderson, Gavin Jarman, Roger Weckert, Sam Parkinson, Peter Brinsley, Guy Saunders, Brian Guild and Doc Oaten just to name a few. Which Kensington player do you miss the most and why: Guy Saunders – He was always quite the ladies man and when some of his numerous discards were plied with copious amounts of alcohol they could sometimes be convinced that I wasn’t completely repulsive.
Which Kensington player do you miss the least and why: Two of them - Gavin Jarman and Roger Weckert – Those who have shared a change room with either of them would know that all their discards were ruined for everybody else for evermore.
Funniest story from your time at Kensington: Vividly recall my first ever C Grade game under Doc Oaten. I used to bowl big loopy straight breaks cleverly disguised as “leggies”. The quickies were getting hit around a bit so Doc threw me the ball and said “Son, can ya bowl tight? I, of course said “yes”. 2 overs (and some 24 runs) later Doc snatched the ball from my hands and said to me “next time I ask you a question, don’t @#$%ing lie to me”.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Player: Andrew Moo married Jo and have 2 girls
Occupation: Director - Darwin Financial Services
Age: 44
Are you still involved in cricket: Retired in 2005 from Darwin District Cricket.
Memories of Kensington (on-field): The club always had a good mix of college bread personalities and us more country minded folk. This made for a good blend of talent and although the club probably underachieved during the time I was there, there was no question that other clubs had to be on their game to beat us. Making runs on Parkinson Oval is a good as it gets with the surrounds and the memory of Dick Hockney “not” holding it all in while trying to save a game with the bat is a frightening image.
Memories of Kensington (off-field): All a little bit cloudy having shared a house with Mr Rumbelow 5 years. But some great times had at functions including the Test Match party’s and marquee at the club on Saturday night followed by the prawn breakfasts in the morning and onto the magic cave. It would also be remiss of me not to mention a Rumbles story. On the eve of a Grand Prix, Rumbles decided to take his work car on a 3 a.m. hot lap of the circuit while the finishing touches were being put in place. He avoided security/police with some creative evasive skills fuelled by Bundy and parked his Datsun Sunny sideways on the road and footpath 50/50, no rubber left on the tires, square rims and no idea how the car drove itself home. The Kent Town, Oaks Tavern, and My Place were also on auto pilot at the time.
Personal highlight from your Kensington career: Playing A Grade at age 17 with established shield/test players.
Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: Missing much of the 1985 pre-season due to football commitments, than making 790 odd in the B’s and not being able to get back into the A’s who went on to win the flag that season.
Which Kensington player do you miss the most and why: Chris Petherick – Country bloke from Strathalbyn – Weck's town - a great person and gentleman of the game who never took himself too seriously.
Which Kensington player do you miss the least and why: Jeff Johnson - used to bowl very late moving skidding out-swingers and a nightmare to keep too. Rumbles before he was married and the lack of quality sometimes present on Sunday mornings.
Funniest story from your time at Kensington: A trio of un-named players practicing their puppetry of the penis routines (well before their time) in front of some attractive ladies playing tennis above Parkinson Oval - We were playing an under 23 game (I think) and it was a fatal combination of them having a washout and early start on the gas.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Name: Peter Henderson
Occupation: Accountant with Eastwoods Accountants at Norwood
Age: 54
Marital Status: Partner Ida, stepson Damon, dog Hugo
Are you still involved in cricket? Vice President and Centurion at Kensington. Not much involvement over the last three years, but hope to be more in-volved again in the future.
Memories of Kensington (on field): My playing career at Kensington lasted 12 years from the age of 13 to 25. Starting with the Schoolboys U/17 competition, progressing to pay all Grades, A, B, C and U/23. Cricket played a huge part in my development as a sportsman and also my personal development. In my 9 seasons of A, B or C Grade, I was fortunate to play in two A Grade Grand Finals, two B Grade, one C Grade and an U/23 and premiership sides in one A Grade, one B Grade and the U/23's. To play with and against several current and former Test & State Players, as well as many other talented cricketers was an experience to treasure. Fond memories of Nuggett Rees fielding at Alberton Oval against Port Adelaide. As a spectator, special memories of Barry Steele's 8 for against Uni to win the "unwinnable" semi-final, and then the side going on to win another A Grade flag in the early 2000's. Also in the 2000's, watching Blewey & Deano chase down about 367 to win the A Grade Flag with only 3 down and time to spare.
Memories of Kensington (off field): Off-field covers both activities and duties. My duties as Team Manager for about 15 years, and Practice Captain for a few years were full of highs and lows, as you experience the teams' performance. I learned how to enjoy our success, and still enjoyed the company of players and officials in not so successful times. Activities off the field were many and varied, and included Premiership celebrations, trips to Melbourne, Clare, Angaston and Mt Gambier. We also enjoyed entertaining and playing against touring Indian sides arranged the most part by Doc Oaten. Off-field includes many volunteers and supporters, none greater than Barry 'Nuggett" Rees. Nuggett's support of Kensing-ton, South Australian and Australian cricket is unsurpassed.
Which Kensington player do you miss the most and why? I guess as your life changes you miss all of those at the club that you do not see as often as you once did, but it is still good to catch up with as many as I can when time permits.
Which Kensington player do you miss the least and why? There are no players that fit into this category.
Personal highlights from your Kensington career: A century in A Grade the week after being hit in the head in an U/23 State trial, and taking my one A Grade wicket on the same day. Playing in the 1979-80 A Grade Premiership team, and being at the crease when we hit the winning run. Also Grand Final wins in the B & U/23 Grades.
Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: Making a first ball duck in the 1978/79 Grand Final versus Sturt at Adelaide Oval (we lost).
Funniest story from your time at Kensington: The last hour of the final A Grade game of the 1980/81 season when the opening bowlers attempted to bowl spin, and spin bowlers opened the bowling. It was the end of a poor season, and we had a bit of fun. It was not quite as amusing when some season bowling averages took a tumble. The after the game esky of ice and water poured over unsuspecting players enjoying a warm shower after a game. Members of the Bar attempting to help me fix a flat tyre of my old Gemini in the car park. With the first attempt, the car was not going up, but the jack was starting to go through the floor of the car. Eventually all fixed and very grateful.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Player: James Campbell
Occupation: Neuropsychologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital
Age: 27
Are you still involved in cricket:  Retired last year after I realised my 26 year old body was quickly becoming the body of a 56 year old (season included tearing the hamstring of both legs). Might play some social cricket this season.
Memories of Kensington (on-field): I never really realised it until after I left the club, but the belief we had as a group was amazing. It was never something that was spoken about, but the culture of Kensington was that we would be successful no matter what the circumstances. Before any game, we believed we would win and regardless of the situation, we always felt that we could pull one out of the bag. Again, you don't realise until you leave Brown Park, but I reckon that's why other clubs hated us - we would rock up, enjoy ourselves and the company of our team mates and expect to succeed.
Memories of Kensington (off-field): Again, you don't realise how good it was until you leave and experience a different club's culture. A bunch of blokes from different backgrounds all getting together to succeed. The characters are what made the club and there are two that come to mind. Teddy pulling the beers and never shy of telling his thoughts on the afternoons' action and Nugget, a national legend who would support Kensington, South Australian and Aus-tralian cricketers regardless of how they were going. The only bloke I ever heard him say anything bad about was Stuart MacGill, although I reckon that says more about Stuart MacGill than Nugget.
Personal highlight from your Kensington career: There's a few: 6/60 and 3 for not many against a pretty ordinary East Torrens side. 23 runs against Tea Tree Gully (highest score). Hitting two consecutive sixes against Woodville before going for three in a row and being caught on the boundary. Sharing the bowling award with BJ. Seeing my name in 5th place for the Bradman Medal after 4 rounds of the 2003/04 season... I don't think I polled another vote for the entire season.
Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: Being dropped for a final (against West Torrens) was pretty ordinary. Losing the prelim final in 2003/04 to the Tea Tree Plaza boys after a pretty insipid batting display at Adelaide Oval.
Which Kensington player do you miss the most and whyHeaps of people for different reasons. Deano remains one of the funniest people I have met, Panners is the most consistent bowler I've seen, JP did some amazing things as a keeper. Opening the bowling with BJ and working out that we were the heaviest, slowest opening bowling combination in the comp was also a highlight.
Which Kensington player do you miss the least and why:  Morgs. Too many reasons worth listing.
Funniest story from your time at Kensington: A preseason trip to Mildura stands out for many reasons, including being smashed to all parts of the ground by Jamie Siddons and the rather hazy memories of the night that followed and the 'altercation' with management at the hotel where we were staying. Will Lyon turning it on for several onlookers will forever be in my memory for all the wrong reasons. The was also the time that the captain, wicket keeper and two opening bowlers decided to ease up to the Tower Hotel for a chicken parmy during a rain delay, only to get a phone call saying the game was about to start as I was polishing off my few chips. BJ and I came back, took 7 wickets between us and beat Prospect by less than 10 runs. No wonder the other sides hated us.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Player:  David Clarke
Occupation:  Finance Broker - Belgravia Group
Age:  40
Are you still involved in cricket:  Assistant Coach & Bowling Coach - MCC
Memories of Kensington (on-field): The huge amount of natural talent as we never really trained as hard as other Clubs which pissed them off deluxe
Memories of Kensington (off-field): Massive social atmosphere, can remember getting home from an AGM at 3 one Tuesday morning. Watching cricket with P Brinsley when he was Chairman of Selectors & I was non playing Assistant Coach
Personal highlight from your Kensington career: Being invlolved in the run of Premierships in the late 90's early 2000's, watching Barry Steele take 8/23?? in the 2nd innings of a Semi Final that we had already lost on first innings to the "Book Worms" which we eventually won to get into the GF, that we also won.
Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: Waking up injured & ruled out on the morning of a GF
Which Kensington player do you miss the most and why: Anthony "Cheesey" McDonald - ask him to do Steve Irwin for you........Crikey!!! & a bit of Ricky Martin World Cup with Jason Morgan
Which Kensington player do you miss the least and why: Good to have a break from Mudguts..............................
Funniest story from your time at Kensington: There's a couple:
Watching Jason Morgan run down the wicket to a spinner & deciding to leave it & being amazed that he was stumped!!!
Jamie Panelli strutting his stuff in a packed Rundle Mall on the catwalk in a safari suit!!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Player: Guy Saunders
Age: 53
Occupation: Manager Pricing - Europe - Chevron (Caltex)
Marital Status: Married with two boys Henry (16) and George (14)
Are you still involved in cricket?: Currently still playing league cricket in London,and also representing Middlesex in the 50's and over competition. Have been coaching Colts for the last 7 years,which have included my 2 sons. Played many years for Winchmore Hill in the Middlesex County League as 1st team opening bowler, until my hip said enough is enough, but after an op 7 years ago, I am back to normal but in the lower leagues.
Memories of Kensington (on-field): Enjoying my cricket, and trying to bowl as fast as I could, with my silly head-band on.
I was hoping to emulate the great Dennis Lillee. Getting first 7 wickets in a game, and Doc Oaten as skipper making me
continue bowling to get the last 3, which I didn’t.
Memories of Kensington (off-field): The bar was always a big challenge amongst my team-mates, and having a fetish for
the female scorers at the club. I think I may have batted on a few sticky wickets in my time. I have some great friends
from the club – Woodo, Weck, Brebs, Patty, who I regularly keep in contact. Nearly ran into Brian Gould at Lords just
recently, but had to stay at home due to swine flu. Coincidentally he ran into my brother-in-law in the Lords bar – what a
small world.
Personal highlight from your Kensington career: Playing A-grade cricket, winning B-grade trophies and ending up with
some fantastic friendships from being part of the club. Also following in my father's footsteps, who I was immensely
proud of as a Kensy A grader.
Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: Not being selected to play more A-grade cricket. Unfortunately I picked
up a very serious footy injury which I am sure affected my cricket development.
Which Kensington player do you miss the most and why?: Roger Weckert and Patty Baird - absolute characters. Legends
in their own undies. Fortunately when I travel to Adelaide from London, I do run into Weck (actually nicknamed "Madonna" - her first hit single was called "like a virgin"), and Patty as well who was well known for picking up my scraps. Which Kensignton player do you miss the least and why: No-one - as I have just fond memories, although playing with Al Gilgen, as my B-team skipper, he was a tremendous captain, but everytime I got a wicket, he punched me in the arm, to push me harder to get another one. Alan - it bloody hurt when you punched me.
Funniest story from your time at Kensington: I have lots of funny stories, and most I would not put to print. However I do
recall on our annual Melbourne trip, where we were staying in a very good hotel near the MCG, when 2 Kensy lads pulled me from my room, whilst in Undies, then ripped them off, shut my door, and left me to run around the hotel naked. I did eventually find a table cloth.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Player: Roger Weckert
Age: Old - 50
Occupation: Radiographer
Marital Status: Currently married, just 18 months ago
Are you still involved in cricket?: Yes, just received life membership for Darwin Cricket Club, Chairman of selectors, playing in the B’s, Vice president and answering to the President another old Brown, Simon Dring.
Memories of Kensington (on-field): My last B grade game, chasing down 387 against Southern Districts in the B’s and getting it off the last over with 9 down. Nugget Rees coming in to bat at Parkinson against Salisbury, having to pay $1 to get entry into my first A Grade game at Salisbury, 1976.
Memories of Kensington (off-field): Undies in the fan at the club, the bar being declared nude, crashing my V-Dub in the wall in the car park at Parkinson, 10 Melbourne Trips including Tom Parkinson pulling out the table cloth of some diners in a Melbourne restaurant, some American hangers on (Friends of Mr Sausage) shot-gunning beers in just over 2 seconds and picking up the waiter and wanting to take HIM home. Andrew Rumbelow and Andrew Moo providing some really nice biscuits for the bus trip to Melbourne. They had no effect on me though. The games after the Melbourne game, Kensington nearly always won these, I hope they are still being played. There are so many memories.
Personal highlight from your Kensington career:
• Being a member of the 1985/86 A-grade final at Adelaide Oval and watching Tim May taking 8 for in that game.
• The week before making a personal best of 201 in the semi final.
• Getting life membership for KDCC.
Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: None, cricket can be a tough sport to enjoy at all times, but good mates at the club make personal lowlights insignificant.
Which Kensington player do you miss the most and why?: Geoffrey Black, even on my worse day I could still bat better than Geoff, made me feel better.
Which Kensington player do you miss the least and why: Sam Parkinson, he is the only player I know who could beautifully
sledge a batsman, really make it funny, but then if you laughed he’s get grumpy at you and tell you to take the game seriously.
Funniest story from your time at Kensington: After winning the 1985/86 final we had our mad Monday and at the Maid and Magpie drinking dirty mothers, Kahlua and Milk….
{rest of story removed due to content!}
While there are many funny stories and only one has been asked for, there is one other that needs to be told. There are few people that saw or know about this, but a certain A-grade skipper said that he would kiss another certain player’s private part
if he was still batting when we passed the score set. A win over East Torrens would guarantee a place for the Browns in the finals for that season. The batsman, who shall remain nameless, but has a very impressive private part, was still batting with 4 runs required to win when a wicket was lost and the skipper came in to bat. With 5 wickets still intact, the skipper said to the not out batsman that he intended to run him out. Having pre warned said not out batsman, the skipper proceeded to push his fist ball straight to cover where last years’ recipient of the Talbot Smith trophy was fielding and called yes. The batsmen took off for the improbable single and unfortunately for the skipper, the ball hit an uneven part of turf and bounced awkwardly, thus causing the normally brilliant fieldsman to fumble the ball. Next ball was the last ball of the over and with a lusty swing, the batsman
despatched it to the boundary for the winning runs as a crestfallen skipper hung his head in dismay.
In the showers after the game, there was some sort of distraction and while most players were looking away, this captain went down on one knee and fulfilled his obligation/ promise. I was one of the few players to see this occur and I still have nightmares about it. This captain will not be happy if he is known, but hell it was funny.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Player: James Bush. Was... if you could call me that... C's and D's, 94-97.
Age: 42
Occupation: Development Coordinator - NSW Rugby Union, living in Sydney
Marital Status: With partner, not married, have a mortgage though...
Are you still involved in cricket?: Still playing City & Suburban in Sydney for the Old Cranbrookians – the equivalent of Turf in Adelaide I think. Just passed 500 wickets for the club... BJ, there are still players out there who think I can spin a ball! Am on their committee as Honorary VP. Just completed my Level One Coaching in Cricket.
Memories of Kensington (on-field): Enjoyed many a wonderful game up on Colonel Waite... what a glorious district ground!
Memories of Kensington (off-field): A glorious bus trip back from Southern Districts after a C Grade game in a mini bus... less clothes on than usual... pulled into a petrol station... enough said. The great Teddy Jucha behind the bar.
Personal highlight from your Kensington career: 50 on Colonel Wait whilst batting with Nath Bassett... his hundred was decidedly better! Chicken Sambos for tea! I’m sure that they kept me in the C’s longer than I was worthy... but you’d have to ask Black.
Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: NONE... all enjoyable... even when Black dropped me to D’s...only to be brought back up to C’s on the Satdy morning...
Which Kensington player do you miss the most and why?: A tossup between Black and Bower... Black for the (somewhat) intelligent sledging and camaraderie... Bower for the many great times “with friends” at St Peters after hours.
Which Kensington player do you miss the least and why: McRitchie... Grumbles by name grumbles by nature... Seriously though none at all.
Funniest story from your time at Kensington: The party that I took Siegert, Faulkner, Clacka, Critchley and young Rumbelow at a mate from Qantas’ place near the airport... nude cricket at midnight... and Anthony MacDonald missing it... Macca wasn’t impressed when the stories were told on Tuesday night training...
I reckon that’s about all I can put on “paper” mate...
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Player: Michael Silvy
Age: 31
Occupation: Architect
Marital status: Married to Tash, two children son Dylan 12 and Ella 6
Are you still involved in cricket? Very much so! Can't seem to give the game away and at nearly 32 I may as well continue until my young bloke (12) can play senior cricket! I'm now playing in Mount Gambier with North and have managed 6 premierships since returning home to play the last bit of the98-99 season.
Memories of Kensington (on-field): Extremely proud and highly successful club that really instigated my professionalism and approach to the game. I only wished I could have played at the Browns during my career when I was probably more organised, calm and focused. The greatest achievement I was involved in was the A Grade premiership in 96-97 where I batted for almost an hour for a duck! I shake my head now when I consider that performance. I remember clearly the work Turbo McGowan did to win that game and the class of Johnny Lee was unmistakable. Considering we lost Clacka from our bowling attack before the game and still won was a credit to the team.
I did have a few good days at the club and getting to play some lower grade cricket with the likes of Blacky, Doogs and Ports certainly opened my eyes to what Grade Cricket was all about. I remember how hard it was to earn your spot and this is certainly a good culture.
Memories of Kensington (off-field): Most of my off-field memories involve Jason Morgan and can't be repeated or described. The club was always a busy place and the social scene was a great place to meet new friends when your a country lad. Club Royale was sensational in its day too, don't worry!
I was always lucky enough to have good support from the club during the travelling period of my career which spanned from 1993-98. It became too physically demanding to travel 1000kms each weekend to play cricket and this ultimately ended my career at the Browns prematurely. Judge JP McCusker was hugely influencial during the early years and his support to me and my family (along with all the other blokes from Mount Gambier) was much appreciated.
Personal highlight from your Kensington career: Obviously playing in the A Grade premiership in 96-97. I had a reasonable season but struggled in the finals so that memory spurs me on now to lead by example at the business end of the season at home. I had a fantastic finals series in 93-94 in the D Grade where wealso won the flag, but my favourite personal memory was the B Grade hundred I made in the semi final in 95-96 I think.
I am also extremely proud to have won the Player of the Year in my first season 93-94 and to have my name on the board is great!
Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: Probably just under-achieving at a Grade level. Unfortunately you can't buy experience and my best cricket probably wasn't played until after I left.
Which Kensington player do you miss the most and why? Gee tough question. I played with some great players like Rumbles, Seigs, Johnny Lee, Gary Wright, Max McPhee, the Man of Steel, Wato, Clacka and State players like Siddo, Blewy and James Brayshaw. I guess I miss Morgs the most cos we had some great timestogether on and off the field.
Which Kensington player do you miss the least and why? Well I don't really miss Andrew McRitchie very much!!! Bad bloke with a big chin from memory!
Funniest story from your time at Kensington: Well I remember one day against Prospect at Parky when we were struggling to get a wicket and I thought I should have got a bowl... I was always thinking this but really I wasn't up to A Grade bowling standard at that time. Anyway, I got the sh__s on and decided to gohome during the lunch break to get something that I had forgotten (typical unorganised young bloke).
Only problem was I lived in Clapham at the time and for some stupid reason thought I'd get back in time. After breaking the land speed record on the way back I arrived at the ground some 10 minutes late. The game had recommenced and the Browns had 10 players! I was absolutely sh___ing myself when I sped in over the speed humps and ran out onto the ground. Needless to say Rumbles tore strips off me and I was dropped for the next match.
I seem to remember running Rumbles out one day against Glenelg too when he was smashing them, so I had to bat for as long as I could that day too! Sorry on both counts Rumbles...
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Player: Luke Hocking (Hocko)
Are you still involved in cricket?: Yeah, still torching half volleys outside off stump and dribbling them short of mid wicket. I'm playing for Karoonda in the Murray Towns Cricket Association. And bowling 150+km/hr outswingers
Memories of Kensington (on-field): A Grade premiership without doubt my best memory. Just playing with great blokes and really enjoying every minute on the ground with them. Except Morgan.
Memories of Kensington (off-field): Well I know I lost my memory plenty of times, thanks to Jason Morgan and Anthony McDonald. Dean Waugh didn't help much either.
Personal highlight from your Kensington career: Running John Palmer out without facing a ball at Parkinson Oval one day. Without doubt my greatest highlight. I know there is still tension between me and JP over this.
Personal lowlight from your Kensington career: Having a big night before playing East Torrens and I accidentally urinated in my kit including my pads and gloves and Anthony McDonald had so much pleasure in telling everyone after the game. I still remember Peter Brinsley and Dean Waugh at training the following week telling my its the funniest story they have ever heard, "but Hocko, you're dropped to the B's for doing it!"
Which Kensington player do you miss the most and why? John Palmer, the funniest bloke in the world but he wore really bad t-shirts. JP always thought they were fashionable, but they were stinkers. I'm a huge fan of Barry Steele too, just the way Barry does things. Any cooler he would be frozen.
Which Kensington player do you miss the least and why? Jason Brett Morgan... enough said.
Funniest story from your time at Kensington: The preseason camps to Mildura. I can't repeat them but for the blokes on the camps... hilarious. One game at Sturt, Anthony McDonald was dirty on me because I always got to do the warm ups. Halfway through the warm up Macca has asked if he could do the stretches as he has the 'best hamstring stretch in the world.' So I get Macca to do the stretches. We go out to field and Macca chases the first ball out to cover and pops his hamstring almost off the bone. Requires Hooch and and I to carry him off the ground. I go into the changerooms at the break to see Macca and I see him in the changerooms stuffing all his cricket gear down the toilet, screaming "this is all you deserve!!"... Macca was never seen in his whites ever again. I still giggle thinking of that day.